Pagan Fish

These days, it is difficult to go anywhere without seeing one of those famous fish. First there was the Jesus Fish. Then emerged the Darwin Fish. Now, there is the Pagan Fish. Like the Darwin Fish, the Pagan Fish has evolved. However, the Pagan Fish is unique among all of the other Fishes. Not only has it developed legs to walk with, it's increased intelligence has allowed it to overcome both the Jesus and the Darwin Fish. Yes, the Pagan Fish has learned to develop tools by which it can catch the other Fishes to create a tasty meal. But, even more interesting is the fact that the Pagan Fish has ingeniously incorporated both a fishing pole and a wand together to create an even more advanced tool. However, only other Pagan Fish know the true use of the tool, as it is one of the great Pagan Fish mysteries. Also, take note of the horns which adorn the head of the Pagan Fish. These horns proudly emphasize the heathen nature of this Fish. The swollen belly of the Pagan Fish is also a reminder of fertility (and a well fed Fish.)

So, if you would like to join in the Fish Wars, get your own free virtual Pagan Fish for your website. However, a reciprocol link back to this page is requested so that other Pagans can know where to go to get the Pagan Fish. Note: There is a copyright notice written beneath the Pagan Fish - you must leave this fully intact.

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